Sister projects

SCIROCCO – ERC – GA n. 832248

The project aims at providing effective storage for renewable energies and significantly improving existing combustion systems.

FLEXnCONFU – HORIZON 2020 – GA n.884157

Combined-cycle gas turbine plants represent a technology with the required flexibility to compensate for the intermittency of renewable energy sources. The project will develop innovative, viable and replicable power-to-X-to-power solutions to be integrated with existing and new power plants to level the load, to untap their flexibility, converting electricity into H2/NH3, to be locally re-used in the same power plant to respond to varying demand, reducing the environmental impact.

FLEX4H2 – Horizon-JU-RIA (2023-2026) – GA n. 101101427

The project aims at developing a new low-emission hydrogen combustion with up to 100% H2 in large-frame gas turbines (GT36) at high firing temperature and high pressure via constant pressure sequential combustion technology (CPSC). The project aims at at gas turbines of 760 MWe (combined cycle), the technology ensures high engine performance and efficiency, as well as fuel and load flexibility without diluents, in compliance with emission targets set by the Clean Hydrogen JU SRIA.