Project public deliverables

WP1 – Project Management

  • D1.5 “1st Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU”
  • D1.6 “2nd Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU”
  • D1.7 “3rd Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU”
  • D1.8 “4th Annual data reporting for the Clean Hydrogen JU”

WP2 – Modelling assessment of DLE H2 combustion system

  • D2.1 “Turbulent burning rate in premixed H2-air flames at high pressure”
  • D2.2 “Assessment and improvement of semiempirical correlations and CFD models”
  • D2.5 “The complexity of handling pulsation associated with pressurised combustion of hydrogen”

WP3 – System prototype demonstration at TRL7

  • D3.1 “Sub-system prototype (TRL6)”
  • D3.3 “Test programme for the DLE H2 combustion system and results of the demonstration at TRL6 (Task 3.1)”
  • D3.4 “System prototype demonstrator (TRL7)”
  • D3.6 “TRL7 system prototype assembled in operational environment”
  • D3.7 “DLE H2 system prototype demonstration reaching TRL7”

WP4 – Safety management and risk assessment

  • D4.1 “HSE procedures for HyPowerGT (Initial)”
  • D4.2 “HSE procedures for HyPowerGT (Final)”
  • D4.6 “Fundamental results of fast flames simulations”
  • D4.8 “Lessons learnt for the safety risk management of retrofitted gas turbines”
  • D4.10 “Safety plan (final)”

WP5 – Impact assessment, retrofitting, roadmapping, and techno-economic analyses

  • D5.1 “Roadmap for H2 gas turbines throughout the European energy transition (2030-2050)”
  • D5.3 “Replication scenarios pertaining to upstream systems. The view of the TSO”
  • D5.4 “Replication scenarios pertaining to industrial systems using H2 gas turbines”
  • D5.5 “Replication scenarios pertaining to energy systems solutions (2030-2050)”
  • D5.9 “CHP H2 GT simulation results”

WP6 – Communication, dissemination, and exploitation

  • D6.1 “HyPowerGT public website and public communication materials (logo, leaflet, poster, roll-up)”
  • D6.3 “HyPowerGT promotional video”
  • D6.4 “Stakeholder’s engagement report”
  • D6.5 “HyPowerGT Position paper”
  • D6.6 “Measures fostering social acceptance”