Retrofitting and techno-economic roadmap

The HyPowerGT project will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the market potential for DLE H2 technology, considering future European hydrogen demand and infrastructure plans (e.g. the European Hydrogen backbone Initiative). This evaluation, spanning 2030 and 2050, will involve techno-economic analyses of midstream hydrogen turbo-compressor stations, industrial cogeneration facilities, and broader energy system solutions to determine technology viability and scalability across sectors.

Building on insights gathered from these case studies, an exploitation roadmap will be formulated, designing strategic pathways for spreading the DLE H2 technology’s potential. This roadmap will address the requisite R&D efforts necessary to meet market expectations across potential segments. Additionally, a thorough analysis of regulatory frameworks will be conducted to identify gaps and opportunities that could facilitate the widespread deployment of the technology. The proposed roadmap aims to accelerate the decarbonization efforts within the European industrial and energy sectors, positioning the DLE H2 technology as a key driver for sustainable growth.