Hydrogen-Powered Gas-Turbine engine fuelled with up to 100% H₂

The HyPowerGT project aims enabling gas turbines to operate on hydrogen, guaranteeing low NOx emission using neither catalysts, nor diluents or thermodynamic efficiency reduction. ​

The core technology is a novel dry-low emission combustion technology (H2 DLE) able of handling any blend of natural gas and hydrogen up to pure H2. Besides ensuring low emissions, the H2 DLE combustion technology offers fuel flexibility and response ability on par with modern gas turbine engines fired with natural gas.​

Six partners (SINTEF Energy AS, Baker Hughes, ETN Global, CERFACS, LUCART, SNAM) and three associated parties (ZHAW, Equinor, TotalEnergies OneTech).
Norway, Italy, Switzerland, France, Italy
Jan 24 – Dec 27
M€ Budget
Total Budget EUR 13,506,110 Funding EU EUR 6,000,000 Associated parties (providing additional funding) ZHAW (EUR 636,015, funded by SERI), Equinor (EUR 300,000), TotalEnergies OneTech (EUR 300,000)


DLE H2 combustor technology​

Safety handling​

Retrofitting and techno-economic analysis​

Main Impacts

CO2 free, low NOX gas turbine​

HyPowerGT will offer an innovative solution for the energy transition: a CO2 free gas turbine with low NOx that represents the cleanest possible gas turbine configuration on the market. ​

Green tech without compromise​

The low NOX target will be obtained working on the DLE combustion technology, neither using diluents, nor catalysts in the gas turbine exhaust or reducing the gas turbine’s thermodynamic efficiency by lowering the combustor exit temperature.​

Gas turbine fuel flexibility​

The project will demonstrate by means of an engine test campaign the ability to burn any blend of natural gas and hydrogen up to pure H2, from start-up and with a switching ability at any load.​

Supporting EU climate neutral targets

HyPowerGT will contribute significantly to the Green Deal, proposing through technology development up to TRL 7 a concrete market solution, which will foster energy transition through its retrofit-ability on existing natural gas and CHP applications.​



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