DLE H₂ combustor technology

Since turbulent flame velocity is affected by the hydrogen content in the fuel, DLE H₂ combustor provides an enhanced gas injection and premixing technology, able to operate with pure hydrogen while guaranteeing a margin against flame flashback and ensuring the most efficient premixing with oxidant to comply with EU regulations on NOx.

The desired fuel flexibility to burn any blend of natural gas and hydrogen requires the combustor to handle different flame stabilization conditions at all engine loads, and the ability to control the possible sources of flame instability and limiting pressure oscillations within the acceptable durability limits.

The relevant design enhancements of the gas injectors need to be demonstrated at full pressure and temperature conditions: the capabilities of the DLE H2 system will be verified at TRL 6 by testing in an instrumented annular combustor rig, operated at engine representative conditions of pressure and temperature.

To complete the design verification at TRL 7, the DLE H₂ combustor will be introduced in the instrumented prototype engine and tested at all the mission conditions, operating up to rated power (16.9 MWe) and with a minimum of 60 testing hours.

Baker Hughes NovaLTTM16 gas turbine, 100% H2 ready (*)

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